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All of our knives are MADE TO USE! No matter if its a fancy looking blade or the most modest knife. These are all made with the intent of being used for their designed purpose. You spend good money on these so enjoy them!

About us

Our processes for creating a knife while being at an at home shop involve some next level tooling to help achieve the best results. For example we have cryogenic capabilites in house, a rockwell hardness tester and a digitally controlled kiln.

What we offer:

Materials used for blade and handle:

  • Steel:                           Handle :
  • AEB-L Stainless          Burled Wood of varying species
  • W2 tool                         G10
  • 80Crv2                         Micarta
  • CPM-20CV stainless   Carbon Fiber
  • CPM-3v                       
  • Alternative materials upon request.

We may have some fancy toys to make sure the heat treat is top tier. We still grind out every blade by hand on the grinder. In so doing that no two knives even of the same profile are exactly the same. Which makes every knife its own one of a kind order.

Hammer Down Forge Started off as a blacksmithing shop back in 2012. Over the next year the shop shifted to knives and never looked back. While we currently do not forge our knives they are still made to the highest level of craftsmanship.

Fixed Blades:




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